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Your Business, 2 Years From Today

The savvy business leader is looking at tomorrow and beyond. She is aware of the challenges today, but focused on the challenges of what is coming up. She is looking at the horizon, around the corner, seeing the unseen.

I see many entrepreneurs fail to invest in their business today because they are obsessed with the challenges of today.

This approach lends to a continual cycle of reactive actions. Always feeling like you are a little behind. Constantly putting out fires.

It leads to knee-jerk reactions rather than smooth transitions.

Not only that, it gives competitors an advantage.

The farmer invests in the future by planting seeds before he needs the harvest. There is no quick fix or shortcut to a plentiful business in the future. It requires intentionality today, for a profitable tomorrow.

What is holding you back today that will impact tomorrow?

What seeds are you planting today that you will harvest later?

What are you doing today, that will benefit you tomorrow?

Where will your business be in two years?


The best time to invest in your company is yesterday. The second best time is today.

The longer you wait, the slower you grow. The longer you wait, the stronger your competition becomes.

Where will your business be in two years?

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