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Your Best Birth! Online Childbirth Education Course by Alise Marsh

This is part of my new series, Shoutout Saturday, where I highlight amazing accomplishments, big wins, and triumphs from those within my circle. Some are clients, some are peers; but their work deserves attention.

My friend, Alise Marsh, has been working tirelessly to launch an online version of her childbirth education series. She has been a certified doula for many years and assisted with countless births!

Over those years, she has helped expectant mothers and families prepare for the birth experience, understanding birth options, finding clarity in the unknown, and how to navigate labor and delivery choices.

Her online course is an extension of her passion. An opportunity to reach more mothers and help more children enter the world into loving homes.

This class is designed for expectant mothers and their partners to gain the knowledge and understanding they need to make the decisions that are best for them and their desired experience. You’ll develop confidence in yourself as we learn what to expect during labor and birth.

I have seen her course and highly recommend it as a resource for any soon-to-be mother. If this is you, or you know someone who is expecting, send them to Alise’s course.

Connect with Alise on Facebook, Instagram, her podcast, or learn more about her course.

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