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Why I Said ‘Yes’ to Kickstart Kings

Not only is it a way to take others further, faster – but I fully anticipate it will do the same for me.

I believe most folks have their choice of open doors. Opportunities that seemingly “just appear” before them.

Some open doors are meant to walk by while some are meant to walk through.

Our ability to discern which opportunities should be taken and which should be bypassed leads to various levels of success.

When the concept of Kickstart Kings was presented to me in October of 2016, I immediately had flashbacks of other projects I had been a part of. On many of those, I was the point person — seemingly the sole person dragging the project forward. Despite their best intentions, the other partners were simply too distracted and required someone to pull them along.

I did not have the capacity or desire to spearhead another project.

What is Kickstart Kings

[Read the full story on Medium to learn what Kickstart Kings is, and why I made the change.]

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