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When It Gets Tough, Conversations For The Win

Let’s talk…

I call them “crunchy conversations.”

They can be awkward. Or uncertain. Or direct. They’re certainly not comfortable. 

But they should never be avoided.

In times of uncertainty, change, difficulty, or the fog, your team and partners crave direction and guidance.

They look to you for even a sliver of stability. 

As leaders, it is our duty to provide as much light as we can.

  • When you don’t have the answers, tell them: “I don’t know, yet.”

  • When you are navigating a difficult topic, be open: “this isn’t easy, I’m working through it.”

  • When it’s going to be awkward, acknowledge it: “this is going to be a difficult conversation. But I feel it’s important to have.”

  • When you have nothing new, explain: “I’m still investigating, nothing has changed since we last spoke.”

Radio silence is the worst strategy for building trust, clarity, and alignment.

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