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What Will Your 2018 Story Be?

This time of year, many services recap your year with them. My Bible app shows how many days I read the daily devotional (only missed 9), MapMyRun shows how many miles I’ve run, and Pocket tells me that I consumed more than 10 books worth of content in their app in 2017.

In some ways this is inspiring, a way to look back and quantify what I spent my time doing.

Looking back is also a great time to look forward.

What do you want 2018 to say about you? What do you want to achieve? What will your highlights be?

I encourage you to take action now. What is important that you accomplish in the following areas of your life:

  • Personal Development (Education, reading, schedule management, etc)
  • Professional / Career (Promotions, processes, systems, changes, etc)
  • Relational (Spouse, family, friends, etc)
  • Recreational (Hobbies, interests, etc)
  • Financial (Earning, savings, investing, retirement, etc)
  • Spiritual (Church attendance, reading, small groups, etc)
  • Physical (Diet, fitness, etc)

Break down big goals into monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

Be accountable to yourself and a partner.

Be specific.

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