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What Stood Out: Week of January 3rd 2016

Welcome to this week’s edition of What Stood Out

As you may know, I review thousands of articles relating to marketing, business, productivity, or leadership each week. While many of the posts are insightful and well-written, some truly rise to the top and challenge my thinking or offer a new perspective.

Often, these gems don’t always fit into the traditional topics covered on my blog; nevertheless, they should be shared and discussed.

This week, these pieces stood out:

  • 7 Ways Productive People Stay Focused (Inc)
    I’m a huge fan of productivity and think we should all be actively aware of increasing our efficiencies in our professional and personal worlds. Here are seven tips that I think are spot on — incidentally, I can say that I actively take part in 6 of the 7.
  • The Analog to Digital Move (AVC)
    There was a lot of discussion around GM’s investment / partnership with ridesharing company, Lyft, this week. Venture Capitalist, Fred Wilson offers his insights and draws similar parallels to how Netflix (and others) have made similar moves and why this all makes sense.
  • It Only Takes 6 Steps to Plan Your Success (Success)
    Thought leader Jim Rohn makes a case for planning your personal development success in only six steps. The most important: take action.

What stood out to you? Leave a note and link in the comments section below.

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