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What Are You Looking For

The sales question that must be asked first: What Are You Looking For“We have so many options – almost 4,000 products,” she started as she sat down with the owner of the cafe.

“We have guacamole, sliced meats, cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables – our broccoli is amazing. We have soup … stuff like that,” she continued. “We have a state of the art ordering system, once we get your application, we can get you a login and you can see everything. You can order from your phone, track your order, we can customize and design your menu. We can photograph your food. It is one of the many services we offer. Whatever you need.”

It continued.

“Let me show you the online ordering and how easy it is.”

A full 23-minutes of talking later, the rep got around to the question that should have been asked first:

“What are you looking for?”

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