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What are the best ways to contact businesses as a freelancer besides email?

This question is a part of my Free Q&A Series where I answer questions posed by entrepreneurs around the world on sites like Quora, Clarity, and various freelancing forums.

Hi there, when you ask, “What are the best ways to contact businesses as a freelancer besides email?” I assume you want to contact them to pitch your business.

Can I offer a better solution?

Think of the last time you received an unsolicited email pitching the services of a company. How seriously did you take them? How relevant was it to you at the time? How much trust did it instill in their brand?

I believe unsolicited email advertisements are incredibly selfish. When businesses use them, it puts the needs of the advertiser ahead of the needs of the customer. This is not the way to start any relationship.

Imagine being at a formal cocktail party and walking up to a table of attendees and interrupting their conversation. You cut them off mid stream to promote your new book or service. How well received do you think that would be?

Instead, consider where your ideal client is already looking for your services. Likely, they are going to the web to do some initial research to learn about the type of service or solution they need. I suggest that you position yourself there to be a source of education and information.

Rather than a vendor, you’re instantly viewed as an advisor. What a wonderful change of position!

When you hang out near the “watering holes“ you are meeting the right customer, at the right time, with the right service. You are there as an expert who can help guide the customer through their buying process. All the while, building trust with that customer long before you ask them for anything in return.

Instead of asking, how can I contact businesses, should be asking, “How can I be a helpful resource to my ideal client?

If you would like more information, or to develop a strategy to do this, I am happy to help. Just reach out and we can schedule a time to talk.

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