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Valentines Day for Entrepreneurs

I have long thought the made up holiday of Valentine’s Day is eye-roll worthy.

A capitalistic approach to drive greeting card sales, flowers, chocolates, and jewelry.

A single day with such focus highlights broken relationships, places undue pressure on one party, creates unspoken expectations, and creates a culture of “One and Done.”

My question: why does it have to center around one day? If you love someone, shouldn’t you show that affection throughout the year?

The same for marketers.

When we create a culture of “one and done” in business, allow unspoken expectations to exist, and place undue pressure on our clients/partners/prospects/and peers to perform, we are setting everyone up for failure.

Instead, have plan that shows that professional endearment throughout the entire relationship. Be intentional about how you reach out to people, how you serve them, how you create memorable experiences just because it is Wednesday.

Don’t buy into the idea that your professional relationships only need to be shown affection once a year.

Treat them to the metaphorical flowers and chocolates just because you value the relationship.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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