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We Use Only The Worst Quality Ingredients

no one uses the worst quality ingredients

These words have never been used in any marketing campaign promoting goods. Who would use the worst?

In a world where your competition uses “the best quality ingredients” and offers the “best customer service” or provides the “best value,” you must position yourself as the natural alternative to “the best.”

What actually sets you apart?

What problem do you solve for your ideal customer?

Who is your ideal customer?

In a crowded market of 5, 10, or 50 competitors, what makes you different? Why would somebody choose you?

This exercise requires more than surface-level thinking. It requires a deep dive into why you exist, who you serve, the solution to their problem. It means understanding your core values, seeing the problem from a different angle, and knowing the competitive landscape.

It is not enough to only provide the best value or use the highest quality ingredients. Everyone does that.

If you need inspiration, try interviewing your existing customers. They have great insights as to why they chose you.

Collect and apply their feedback.

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