Creating a Healthy Sales Culture in Your Business
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These Two Words Are Prohibited In Sales & Marketing

“How do I squeeze more business out of an existing customer?”

“I am preparing an email blast to my list…”

These two words: squeeze and blast are prohibited in my office.

When talking about our customers, we should not use words that invoke some sort of adversarial separation between us and them. This is not a battle to “squeeze” more dollars out of our customer by “blasting” them with interruptive advertising.

Our Language Creates Culture

Create A Sales Culture Where the Customer is Respected As the Sole Reason You ExistHow we speak to one another broadcasts underlying characteristics — both positively and negatively.

When we are preparing to send an email to our customers and prospects, we don’t “blast them.” We email them. Our goal is to provide something of value at every transaction.

For more on this, read: “Why Do I Only Hear From You When You’re Selling?”

Using language like, “Blast” and “Squeeze” in terms of our customer de-humanizes them.

Instead, create a culture where the customer is respected and recognized as the sole reason you exist.

If you want to increase your average purchase, or increase the lifetime value of a customer relationship, take the time to understand the needs of those customers and educate them on how those needs can be met using your product.

It is not Us vs. Them.

It’s Us Helping Them.

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