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Trust is the currency upon all relationships are built. It is made up of tiny deposits that span a lifetime, but can bankrupt in an instant of poor judgement.
As leaders, it is important that we start with trust. We must know the ramifications of our actions – not only to satisfy ourselves – but understand the perception of our actions through the lens of those we lead.

Leaders do what they say, and say what they do.

We accrue trust through transparency, communication, and thoughtfulness. We lose trust through deceit, silence, and selfishness.

Leaders don’t gamble with the trust bank, instead, seek ways to make frequent deposits.

Whether you are a freelancer helping a client, a consultant guiding a project, or an entrepreneur launching a product, invest heavily in building a trust account with those around you. Intentional or not, your actions and words speak loudly – even when you think no one is listening.

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