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Trading Urgent for Important: Husbands

Timely share by my friends at Fierce Marriage following my post this morning.

Husbands, it is critically important that we prioritize our most valuable resource: our time.

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As men, it's so tempting to chase career goals before family goals. Society applauds financial success and positional prominence. However, if those things come at the cost of loving your wife and kids well, something is terribly amiss. As a man, your first calling is to love Christ. Your next calling is to love your bride, then your children. Finally, you're called to love others in Christ's name by perpetuating the message of the gospel through discipleship. Somewhere below those callings, you're called to steward your resources (time, energy, talent, money) well as if unto God. So many times, we men tend to flip those priorities around for all the wrong reasons. I'm urging you to not fall into that trap. Wisdom has told us time and time again not to chase vain pursuits. Seek understanding, chase the Gospel. Psalm 49:20 reads, "Man in his pomp yet without understanding is like the beasts that perish." I believe this means that aside from understanding of God, His goodness, His purposes, and the Gospel, we are men in form but we exist as animals. We live, we survive, and we die. Those are strong words, but for good reason! Life is short, don't waste it pursuing worthless things. I hope you're reminded of this just as I am, and you're urged to keep your priorities in line according to God's word. Stay fierce, men. Lead and love well. Ryan Note: this could apply to ladies as well, but I just wanted to share something I had on my heart for other guys! #fiercemarriage #marriage #love #manhood #fiercehusbands

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