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Time Invested is not Time Wasted

We live in an ever-connected society. The technology that was supposed to make our lives easier, actually makes it more frantic. Our need to be connected often shortcuts our ability to connect with those around us.

The same with time.

Our time-saving technology has tricked us into believing that there is a microwave option for nearly everything.

We can summon rideshares, check real-time reports, gauge user response, and click ourselves to exotic far off lands through the lens of a smartphone.

What we forget is the long game. The view that is only accessible by taking the walking path. Or the efforts now that will help us next week, or next year.

Or seventy years from now.

We are not thinking about retirement because we are not even thinking about the end of this year. We’re not thinking about our legacy because we’re thinking about our afternoon.

Take a moment to intentionally unplug. Think of the tomorrows, the next years, the decade.

It’s the long-game. The vision casting.

Spending the time now is an investment.

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