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The Work We Do: How to get more done without sacrificing what’s important

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Often, our schedule, calendar, and routine all operate on auto-pilot. Meeting requests are mindlessly accepted, appointments are made, and tasks are checked off.

The To-Do list gets longer and our feed fills up with more noise.

At some point, more is pushed to “Tomorrow” or – worse – “Someday.” And Someday is a death sentence to productivity.

Unfortunately, we tend to crave the rush of getting things done more than we enjoy the satisfaction of getting something meaningful done. This leads us to reply to 10 easy emails rather than thinking about our strategic vision for the year or addressing an issue with the team.

The work we do matters as much as the work we don’t do. What we choose to focus our time on – and what we choose not to focus on – moves the needle. It makes a difference. It is up to you which way the needle shifts.

When looking at the mountain of tasks in front of you, consider triaging them. Find what only you can work on and quickly rid yourself of the rest.

Create labels, bins, folders, or processes for tasks that can be delegated, declined, or deleted. Use them judiciously.

Delegate what can be handled by others.

Decline meetings, groups, or commitments that don’t serve the broader good.

Delete what isn’t important, doesn’t move you forward, or does not align with your mission.

You don’t need to do everything, because only you can do some things.

The work you do can move you backward, keep you stationary, or move you forward.

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