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The Tactic of Trust: how to authentically build trust

Brands have promises, politicians have taglines, companies have core values, marriages have vows, and society has norms. All mechanisms for instilling trust.

We trust a chair will support us when we sit, that our money will maintain value, and our lights will come on when we flip the switch. We trust the food from the restaurant won’t make us sick and other drivers will maintain their lane.

We buy from brands we trust, we follow leaders we trust, and go about our lives with a high degree of trust in the actions of others.

As leaders, we must recognize the absolute importance and weight of this trust. The trust our teams, partners, vendors, and customers have in us.

They trust us to show up, to deliver, to not make them ill, to pay our bills, to make payroll, to be our best, to be honest, and so much more.

Let’s dive into how to authentically build and strengthen that trust:


Say what you’re going to do, do what you say.

When leaders fail to effectively communicate, trust is lost. When leaders fail to do what they said they would do, trust is destroyed.


Most disagreements could be solved with better listening. But more than listening, hearing. Commit, as a leader, to listen and hear those around you dependent on the trust of the relationship.

Nice vs Kind

Nice is self-focused behavior, where we may avoid conflict to make ourselves feel better. Kindness is others-focused, meaning we address things for their benefit. Don’t be nice when you should be kind.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was it built alone. Build a collection or community of advisors around you, those who can speak to you, call you on your actions, and challenge your thinking. This will give you a greater perspective and, in turn, foster an environment of trust.

Address Expectations

Everyone within our circle has expectations, some spoken, some not. Some clear, some not. Regularly address expectations, priorities, and challenges. Discuss these openly and help your team overcome what is holding them back.

Finally, trust extends beyond the walls of your shop, office, or studio. Trust must be embedded in our external focuses, too.

Trust is perhaps the biggest asset for any business, but more than that, it is the currency of leaders. And we must invest with consistency, intentionality, and mindfulness.

All the best,


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