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The One Bully: Overcoming the Negative Voice

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

When we build in public, we open ourselves up to criticism.

When we pursue our passion, we put ourselves out there for failure.

When we accept the promotion, we will be gossiped about.

When we ship a product, sell a solution, or deliver a result, we risk an unhappy customer.

However, the odds are far greater that we will meet a friend, make a connection, or cause a smile.

Our brains are wired to avoid risk – for survival sake. We undercount the positives and overcount the negatives. We hide our work as not to attract the wrong attention, we shy from publicity to avoid being seen as an imposter, and we downplay our hard-earned skills.

If we get 100 comments and one bully, we fixate on the bully.

Even worse, if there is no bully, we invent one. In a world of constant noise, our biggest enemy is in our heads. The voice of doubt, question, and fear. The bully amplifies that lie.

Rather, listen to the 100. Listen to the ones who support you, share your work, refer you, talk you up, promote you, encourage you, buy from you – their actions mean far more than the words of a bully.

The bully is just vocalizing their own doubt and fear.

Don’t let one bully dull your message. You have something special to share, 99 others are waiting to hear it.

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