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The Left Handed Pen

How much would you pay for a nitrogen-pressurized, hermetically-sealed pen?

What is the value of such a device?

If you’re on Earth, the value is pretty low.

If you’re a right-handed writer, the value is probably even lower.

But if you’re a left-handed writer, one who pushes the pen across the page, you’ve undoubtedly noticed traditional gravity-fed pens are not as effective as one may hope.

Further, if you are in space – say, the International Space Station – traditional gravity-fed pens are even less useful.

As the tale goes, in need of a galactic writing device, US-based NASA spent millions of dollars on a pen while Soviet Cosmonauts used a pencil. The pencil, while a seemingly obvious response, sheds tiny graphite particles and shavings when used. And the last thing one wants floating around in any gravity-less environment is graphite and tiny shavings.

Getting back to the space pen, one that sounds far more complex than it may lead you to believe.

What is the value?

What is the value of a tool that works with you, not against you? One that works for pushing and pulling? What is the value of a tool that works where you need it to work? What is the value of a tool so meticulously thought out, that it not only makes the job easier, but also more efficient?

What is your left-handed pen? What tools can you create that make a client’s job or task easier? What can you do to remove roadblocks or reduce friction?


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