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The Ghosting Generation

Have you ever been “Ghosted”?

The act – which started in the dating world – has bled into corporate culture. It is the term used when one party simply disappears – effectively ending the relationship without warning.

In the business world, unfortunately, the tactic has also started to gain traction. In the tight labor market, applicants have little to no incentive to respect the employer. If they disappear, there is no effect on their future employment. In fact, one CEO friend told me that applicants could stand out by simply showing up to the interview.

The same goes for returning calls, emails, or meeting invitations.

Co-workers, subordinates, managers, peers, vendors, or partners may all be tempted to ghost those around them, but in the age of personal branding, ensuring we uphold our end of the agreement – and respect others – goes a long way.

Even if we decide a project or job is not the right fit for us, showing up, responding, or taking the time to politely decline, demonstrates character, integrity, and respect for the other person.

Our personal brand is our reputation.

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