The Convenient Controversy

Have you noticed as a soon as one controversy ends, another begins? Or perhaps it isn’t the other way around – when one controversy begins, another ends.

It is no coincidence that we’re fed a never-ending supply of controversy. There are powers at work to keep you – us – distracted enough to be both incited and fatigued. Enough that you react to the highlight reel, but are too emotionally exhausted to look deeper.

Our current world is based on selling attention. Ads, brand awareness, talking points, politicians, and corporations. They are very good at selling access to your attention.

You are the product. Your attention – time, energy, thoughtfulness, circle of influence – is a bottomless pit that they are monetizing.

Consider turning off the noise, locking the door to your attention, focus on what is important to you.

As soon as one attention-grabbing headline starts to wane, another will conveniently appear, starting the cycle over again. Playing on your emotion, attention, time, energy and mental health.

What controversy is actually important to you? How can you regain control of your precious attention and focus it on improving the world around you?