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The Best Content is Consistent

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Thank you to everyone who has responded, shared their stories and struggles, and taken control of their content strategy.

I believe content is more than just a marketing gimmick, it is a way to share your knowledge, to impact your customers, to solve problems. For that reason, I am more committed to sharing how you can see success from posting original, high-quality content.

The best content is consistent. 

I don’t write this newsletter each week because it’s “done”, these posts are never done. I could re-write, polish, re-word, scrap, or revise every post. But I don’t.

I don’t publish because the post is finished, I post because it is Sunday. It is my own internal (and entirely arbitrary) deadline to post something. It forces me to be intentional, bring a thought into focus, explore a new idea, or share a strategy that could help the community.

The best content is consistent. Not perfect.

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When you commit to showing up, you make a promise to your followers. Each appearance is a deposit of trust.

There are a million people who have started a project, but only a small percentage of them continue. Only a few will commit to showing up again … and again … and again.

The payoff is after the lull.

The first 30 days of blogging will be the most discouraging days of your process. No one will be there. No one will answer. No one will read.

But your commitment will pay off when the first members of your audience see your backlog, they see the work, they see improvement.

They see you care.

The best content is not perfect. 

The best content is consistent.

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