• Why I Gave Up Facebook

    3 Reasons I Gave Up Facebook

    I’ve given up Facebook … again. More specifically, I have given up on Facebook. I deleted my profile (the second time since I joined in 2006 or 2007). Why? Three reasons actually: 1. Their Stance on Privacy Recently, Facebook has suffered one privacy blow after another. The information of millions of users have been exposed repeatedly. Facebook arrogantly brushes off these data breaches and generally buries them in a busy newsday, nearly guaranteeing the vast number of their billions of users will be unaware of the issue. Their blog (which you can find here) usually downplays the significance of such privacy violations by using words such as, “some”, “a small…

  • Facebook homepage after privacy disaster
    Off Topic

    Social Media Privacy?

    Another day, another Facebook privacy disaster. The world’s most prolific social media platform today announced two different security issues. Interestingly enough, they made the announcement the same day as some other big news dropped. I don’t think it is a stretch to believe this timing was unintentional. In its latest privacy-shattering revelation, Facebook says it “unintentionally” uploaded the email contact lists of 1.5 million new users without permission. Following an investigation that stemmed from their earlier admission that it was requesting email passwords from certain new users in order to verify their identities, Business Insider found that the site was then performing an import of the user’s email contact list without…

  • How small businesses should adapt their online marketing in light of the Facebook data privacy issues
    Marketing Strategy

    Social Media Marketing in 2018: Next Steps

    I’ve resisted the urge to write about the Facebook privacy meltdown and ensuing faux-panic. In truth, I believe most of the controversy is entirely overblown and extreme examples are being made. But they are being made, nonetheless. And Facebook isn’t helping itself. Where does that leave businesses? Many feel that they “must do something” as a small, yet vocal, subset of consumers and lawmakers are calling for “something” to be done. We’ve seen large brands like Tesla, SpaceX, Mozilla, and Playboy all say they are giving up their Facebook presence. Another outcry. Another PR-driven opportunity to “take a stand.” Late last year, for the first time ever, Facebook reported a…