• Creating and defining your brand
    Marketing Strategy

    Your Brand’s Brand

    Throughout history, we’ve used branding to mark everything from bread to livestock. Bakers would cut unique marks in their bread dough as a way to signal trust to their consumers. Ranchers used iron to sear their brand and track commingling cattle. Today, we associate branding with our businesses. Branding serves the same purpose: to give consumers, workers, and users a sense of what to expect. Actors use their personal brand to build anticipation around their upcoming theatrical release. Companies backfill their brand with “Best Place to Work” awards or Fortune recognition. Automobile manufactures intentionally place their logo on cars where we expect to see — the brand. Brands work best…

  • Knowing where to start your marketing efforts
    Marketing Strategy

    Where Are You Starting?

    Directions to New York City vary greatly depending on where you’re coming from. Not only will your route vary, but so will your mode of transportation. Without knowing the starting point, is hard to give a clear explanation of how to get to your destination. The same is true in marketing. It’s easy to discuss your destination, your goals, objectives, and campaigns. We can point to others who have done it well. But without knowing where you’re coming from, your journey is off to a tough start. – Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash