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Social Media’s Business Backlash

British cosmetics company, Lush, is dropping its Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts in the UK and is redirecting the 1 million followers to the web, email, and phone for direct consumer communication with the brand.

Lush said it was sick of “fighting with algorithms,” and that it did not want to pay for sponsored posts. Lush will keep its North American social accounts which contributed to a 42 percent social growth rate month over month. The choice isn’t so radical when last year a study revealed a third of Gen Z planned to quit social media permanently because it didn’t make them happy. – THE DRUM

Don’t miss the significance of this for either side of the equation – one is brands taking more control of their online presence. The other is the distrust and frustration of social media platforms. Announcements like this, while still few and far between, should be viewed as coal mine canaries; signalling a impending revolt to their pay-to-play business models.

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