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Sharing Your Story

Each day, I run into people with unique experiences and expertise.

At first thought, it may be hard to think of a topic or two that you have an expertise in, but I promise you: each of us possesses in-depth knowledge that others wish they had.

Once you can accept that, you must then overcome a falsehood called “imposter syndrome”. We all have a fear of being seen as a fraud or outed as an imposter. But When we realize that each human battles this to a degree, we can take control of this misleading belief.

Who can be made better by hearing your story? Who can hit their goals by learning from you? What insights do you have that will make the life of someone else better?

Forget about the naysayers. They are discontent – hiding behind their keyboards, their empty words, and their inaction.

Instead, share your story. Look for ways that your experience can help others.

You have a message.

Tell your story.

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