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What Separates a Good Salesperson From a Bad Salesperson

Sales is a cutthroat business! Yet a necessary one.

Some of us may be naturally gifted at closing the deal, while others battle an internal voice telling us we cannot sell.

Being “good at sales” is actually “being good at people”. People have needs. We have solutions.

Since mankind has existed, we have been in some form of trade (or, “sales”). Whether we’re dealing sheep, berries, airplanes, or software, we exchange what we have for what we want.

“You want sheep to better your farm and produce wool for your family? I have an excess of sheep. Let’s make a deal.”

Standardized currency drastically changed the game; no longer did we need to arrange complex trades between parties in the barter system. Instead, we could exchange our product for money. Then use that money to go buy other products.

In modern sales, we can lose sight of the beginning part of the story. We tend to focus on selling our sheep or software for money – but not considering why the guy needs sheep or software.

Once we understand why he needs sheep, we can tailor our entire approach differently. Our language changes. We have an understanding of his perspective. We realize he actually wants wool.

Instead of convincing him of how great our sheep are, we can focus on how to get him the best wool.

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