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S is for Social Listening – Part 2

Just the other day, I encouraged brand leaders to look at social media as a listening platform. This is an area that many small businesses think larger, more established brands can outperform them.

Quite the contrary.

As if on cue, I witnessed the following transpire in real time, and was disappointed at the (lack of) response by a national brand.

Exhibit A:

There are two glaring opportunities here. First, Sears can ramp up their social listening efforts and be attentive to the needs of their customers.

Secondly, smaller brands can use social monitoring to take advantage of blatant missteps made by the giants of the industry. For example, some large brands turn off their customer service monitoring after 5pm.

How can your brand take advantage of this? Simple: Listen.

Monitor, even after hours, for terms and hashtags like: #fail #CustomerService or #BadsService and your competitors.

If you are a local business, pair these terms with geofencing within your service area.

Step up when the other brands fall short.

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