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Readers, What Are Your 2018 Goals?

It is time to soundoff. I have covered goals extensively, lately.

Now it is time for you to share your goals with me.


Because people who write their goals are far more likely (something like 10 times more likely) to achieve. Do you want to take steps toward your own success? Take action.

What are you committed to doing in 2018 in these areas of your life:

  • Personal Development (Education, reading, schedule management, etc)
  • Professional / Career (Promotions, processes, systems, changes, etc)
  • Relational (Spouse, family, friends, etc)
  • Recreational (Hobbies, interests, etc)
  • Financial (Earning, savings, investing, retirement, etc)
  • Spiritual (Church attendance, reading, small groups, etc)
  • Physical (Diet, fitness, etc)

Leave your response in the comment section or email me directly: hello [at] shaunnestor [dot] com

Photo by Jungwoo Hong on Unsplash

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