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A Preview of Tomorrow’s Event

Tomorrow I am hosting a free digital marketing question and answer session.

This is for business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level – but feel stuck.

The questions from attendees are already pouring in, and I cannot wait to help these go-getters remove roadblocks!

A preview of some of the questions I will be tackling:

  • How do you define an ideal customer or develop a persona?
  • How do generate more leads?
  • How do you qualify leads once you’ve attracted them to your website?
  • How do you start a relationship with one of these prospects?

I love that every level of the sales process has been covered in the questions already submitted.

We have the top of the sales funnel (Attracting More Traffic and Visitors), the middle of the funnel (Qualifying and Converting to Leads), the bottom (Starting the Relationship and Closing the Deal), and even touching on what happens after the transaction (Delighting the Customer and Driving Referrals)

If you have not already registered, there are a few seats remaining. But they are filling up fast.

You can register for this free Q&A session here:

I look forward to seeing you on the webinar!

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