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The Perfect Pitch: How to Excite Customers and Close Deals

As Don Draper of Mad Men once said, “You are the product. You feeling something. That’s what sells.”

When you pitch potential clients, you embody your agency and the services provided. Your confidence, manner of speaking, body language, and personality can build long-lasting relationships or come off as a sleazy sales pitch.

[bctt tweet “When you pitch potential clients, you embody your agency and the services provided.”]

Not all of us can be as smooth as Don Draper, with his immaculate suits and Old Fashioneds. But, we can learn how to excite potential customers and close the deal:

How to Excite Potential Clients

Case studies

Customer success stories and case studies bring your services to life. They add credibility to your brand and prove the true value of your agency. To make case studies even more powerful, present a select few from companies you have worked with that are similar in size and industry to a potential client’s organization. You want prospective customers to get a real idea of what you can do for them, and using relatable examples that highlight challenges, solutions, and results paint a tangible picture.

Numbers to prove ROI

Customers love to see numbers and data. If you can prove your agency’s ROI, you will definitely be ahead of the pack. How do you do this? Well, let’s say you have a content marketing agency and write content for blogs, manage social media channels, and draft guest articles. You could put together a one-pager of how traffic numbers and social media referrals increased once your agency began the project, how many more leads your client received, how many new followers/fans on each social network, the number of new customers, etc. Bottom line: You want customers to get excited about how much money they can save, how much new traffic they will gain, and how many new customers they could attract.

Competitor comparison

We all like to shop around and compare costs, and potential agency customers are no different. It may feel odd to directly address your competition, but you will squash hesitations, answers questions, and solidify your worth. Create a comparison matrix to showcase how you’re different from other agencies. Is it pricing? Is it senior-level involvement? Is it strategy? The goal is to get potential customers excited about getting the “best deal” and finding the agency that can do it all.

Now, close the deal like Don Draper

Understand the customer’s problem

You can practice the perfect pitch for as long as you want, but if it doesn’t address the client’s actual needs, it will fall on deaf ears. Ask questions like, “What is your biggest challenge?” and “What is the most important metric you would like to improve?” Now, you can tailor your pitch to these pain points and give specific, customized solutions to close the deal.

[bctt tweet “If your pitch doesn’t address the client’s actual needs, it will fall on deaf ears.”]

Develop a relationship

Everyone wants to do business with people they like, but it will be difficult to foster a friendship if you’re too busy reciting your sales pitch. Remember that this process should be fun and enjoyable. Take potential clients to lunch and get to know them on a personal level (ask them about themselves, where they grew up, their hobbies, etc.). This strategy may take more time, but the loyalty you create will be worth it in the long run.

Make the ask

Bring the contract to your meeting, but try not to think about the closing as a dramatic, serious thing when you “ask for the business.” Instead, let the close naturally come from your conversation. Ask questions like, “How does that sound to you?” “What do you think?” or “When would you like to get started?” Don’t be pushy, but make sure the conversation is moving in the right direction.

We can learn a lot from Don Draper about the pitching – he chooses his words carefully, knows when to listen, tells stories, and isn’t afraid to act spontaneously. And, perhaps above all, he never lets rejection or failed pitches get him down. He always knows there’s another pitch to perfect right around the corner.

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