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Overcoming Objections to Inbound Marketing [Blab]

What We’re Blabbing About

Freelancers, Agencies, and Consultants: Have you ever run into sales objections when proposing inbound or content marketing services to a prospect?

This week, we discuss how to address and overcome these objections – including the dreaded cost vs value objection.

If you are stumped on how to overcome an objection we did not answer, tweet either of us and we will be glad to help.

The Shaun & Sean Show: Live on Blab

Thursday at 12pm EST + 9am PST

About the Shaun & Sean Show

The Shaun & Sean Show is a live broadcast between inbound marketers, Shaun Nestor and Sean Royer. Nestor operates a digital marketing consultancy from Seattle, Washington and Royer operates Synecore Technologies out of Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Each week, Shaun and Sean discuss social media, content and inbound marketing, and how digital media has shifted the sales and marketing experience.

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