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On Unsubscribe. Or anything really

I recently tried to unsubscribe from Marriott’s email newsletter and promotional list. When I first clicked on “UNSUBSCRIBE”, the generic form forced me to re-enter my email address before unsubscribing (huge annoyance of mine). Next, it showed an a error telling me I could not unsubscribe from their digital mailings online. Instead, I was directed to contact them using their Contact Us page.

Hotel juggernaut, Marriott, does not allow email subscribers to unsubscribe via the web

Not only is this a violation of the CANN-SPAM law here in the United States, it creates such a hellacious experience for the user.

Aim to make it as easy for your customer to leave as it is to join.

Many of us don’t want to think about a customer leaving, but holding someone against their will is a terrible strategy for growing your business.

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