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On Difficult Times

It goes without saying that we are facing troubling times right now. The world, as each one of us knows it, is upside down.

Each day, more uncertainty mounts and new unknowns are presented.

Our finances, health, lifestyle, and freedom are continually thrown into question.

It is common, healthy, appropriate, and – most certainly, human – to feel the way we do.

There is hope, however.

When we face difficult times, we can rest easy in knowing that our capacity is being increased.

Each stressor we face actually builds our resiliency.

Each time we find ourselves outside of our comfort zone, we adapt. Our “comfort zone” actually enlarges. We grow.

Today, take comfort in knowing that even in difficult times, you are growing. You are becoming stronger. You are gaining insights. You are becoming a better version of yourself.

You will never endure something like this again. Why? Because after today, your perspective will have changed.

Because of what you faced today, you are stronger tomorrow. And that is reason to have hope.

Who can you encourage today? Will you share this message with them?

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