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Moving My Website From One Host to Another

There are more than 3,500,000 Google search results for moving my website from one host to another host. For website owners and operators, this is a serious question. One that is packed with technical steps, detailed processes, and a specific order of operations – mess any of them up and your website could stop working altogether.

Seriously, moving website hosts is a tedious and frustrating ordeal for those of us who don’t do it on a daily basis.

I ran into this about 8 months ago when I was so fed up with our old website host that I started exploring alternatives. In truth, the idea of having to move our sites from one host to another caused me to delay the decision to move for far too long. Between our company sites and our client sites, we were overseeing about 50 individual accounts. Moving them would be no small task.

But when our old host told me that we were responsible for a malicious attack on the server which rendered all of our sites useless, I’d had enough.

We were changing website hosts.

The Search for a New Website Host

I had explored the possibility of moving hosts before, but found that many of the “top recommended” companies are actually sister companies. It didn’t make sense to move from one host to another, only to have them actually under the same umbrella.

Then I discovered SiteGround.

Like a breath of fresh air, their support team was knowledgeable and informative. I explained the problems we had with our current host, explained how much we were spending, and why we had the technical specs we had. SiteGround told us, not only that we did not need the level of hosting that we had been sold, but that we were over-paying for the services we had been receiving.

To top it all off: they transferred our websites for free!

That sealed the deal.

Within 20 minutes of talking with their sales team, we had begun the process of moving all of our websites to SiteGround.

We are 8 months in and I have zero regrets.

Their expert team migrated all of our sites to their servers with no down-time, clear communication, and and easy-to-track process for me and my team.

Are You Looking for a New Host?

They just informed me that, for a limited time, they are running their free website transfer promotion again. You have to purchase hosting, naturally, but they will transfer your website from your old host to their server for free.

To take advantage of this offer, start here.

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