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Media vs News

Are there more bad events happening lately? Or are we just exposed to more? Are there fewer good deeds? Fewer people helping others? More people hurting others?

In an age where discord and disagreements seem to flare up everywhere, we must take a moment to realize we are pawns in a game.

Seth Godin writes,

Over the last twenty years, the mass media has shifted, from “here’s the news,” to, “hey, it’s just media.” As a result, a system has been built in which situations, emergencies and bad news have been packaged and promoted twenty-four hours a day.

In the face of that maelstrom of noise, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that the world is more dangerous and unstable than it has ever been.

How true. “Media” is a business, not a service. As such, they have the duty or obligation to care for their shareholder’s interest. I can bet that most of those shareholders are most interested in cash money rather than good-will for supporting a non-profit entity.

I am a huge fan of the team at Inside, they are working hard to find the balance between making a profit AND reporting more than just bad news. If you haven’t already, check them out.

Also, speaking of polarization in the media, if you are wondering about where your sources of information come from, check out AllSides. And to support companies whose values align with yours, check out 2nd Vote.

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