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Managing Data Islands Now a Required Skill for Marketers

Stop me if you’ve heard this one:

  • Export Contacts
  • Import/Merge
  • Sort by Conversion
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Manually look for trends
  • Painstakingly identify a dozen or two contacts that fit the criteria
  • Wonder if you forgot anyone…. did you export from the customer list? What about the folks from your last webinar?

Sound like a nightmare?

The truth is, we use a lot of different tools to run our business. We have accounting, estimating, lead pages, lead generation, email marketing, social media fans, followers, webinar registrants, customers, high-value customers, folks who have requested a demo, people to follow up with, contracts expiring, people who mention you online, lead nurturing, lead qualification and grading, etc etc etc.

[bctt tweet “Marketers must manage customer info from several sources to paint an accurate picture of the buyer.”]

We have a lot of data collection points. If we don’t have way to use that data in a cohesive manner, what is the point of having it?

Islands of Data

Late last year, LeadPages announced Center. Today, Zapier launched Multi-Step Zaps.

The theme for marketing in 2016 will be an added layer of marketing automation: decentralization.

For larger brands, various CRM, CRS, PPC campaigns, marketing programs, lead gen and workflows create massive inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

And while, small businesses and solopreneurs still experience missed opportunities, they are often more frustrated at the lack of connection between their MailChimp account, landing pages, sales notifications, and Shopify ecommerce site.

[bctt tweet “As a data-driven marketer, we must ensure that the data we use is high-quality.”]

The point is: as a data-driven marketer, we must ensure the data we use to make decisions is high-quality.

Garbage in, garbage out.

In 2016, expect to see a move from all-in-one marketing solutions and more ability to build bridges between islands of data.

LeadPages and Zapier are giving us the tools to move in that direction. We would be wise to pay attention.

The Argument for All-In-One Marketing

I am a huge proponent of HubSpot, one of the biggest brands in all-in-one marketing platforms. Let me be clear: they still have a purpose.

The introduction of Center and Multi-Step Zaps fills a need that has gone otherwise unanswered in the industry.

Some brands simply do not have the budget for a HubSpot-like solution (although we can argue what the actual costs are in relation to what you’re spending now). Other brands have so many layers of complexity that a complete shift is not feasible.

If you are using a piecemealed set of marketing tools, these recent announcements are likely welcomed news.

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