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A Love Note to Entrepreneurs

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This is a slight deviation from my normal column about content marketing, but I am even more passionate about helping entrepreneurs and could not resist sharing this fantastic piece from

A Love Note to Entrepreneurs

  • Don’t wait for permission
  • Change something you care about
  • Touch one person
  • Make a difference to a handful
  • Launch ideas from the heart
  • Build a legacy, not just an empire
  • Keep your values front and center
  • Understand why you’re doing this
  • Remember, it doesn’t have to matter to everyone
  • Learn how to see the world as it isn’t
  • Allow possibility to feed your soul
  • Embrace failure alongside success
  • Make people your inspiration
  • Make meaning your currency
  • Never allow fear to get in your way
  • Know the questions to ask
  • Don’t be afraid of the answers
  • If you could do anything today, would “this” be it?
  • If not this, then what?

A Love Note to Entrepreneurs [Graphic]

A Love Note To Entrepreneurs by Bernadette Jiwa

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