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Long-form Content is the New Ad

Long-form content is the new ad. Brands are content creators now, and they could learn a thing or two from the film industry.

Content creators are actually storytellers.

They give the viewer/reader/customer a reason to stop what they are doing and focus. They give a reason to care.

Focus your efforts, not on advertising, but engaging the customer through vivid stories and experiences.

Your brand message will resonate much deeper.

About the Daily Marketing Minute

The Daily Marketing Minute is my project for the last quarter of 2014. Each day, I will deliver bite-sized, fat-free nuggets of sales and marketing insights.

In an increasingly noisy sales and marketing world, it is easy to lose track of why you do what you do. Ultimately, I believe that relationships will transcend the daily grind we face in sales and marketing. Every day, I’ll share insights and tips to grow your business and connect with your customers in a better (and more human) way.

Thank you for sharing your precious time with me.


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