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team members listening to one another

Listening is good, hearing is better.

A foundational element to every relationship is communication. Often, we think of communication as projecting our message – through voice, written word, gestures, or signs.

More important than talking is listening.

And more important than listening is hearing.

Hearing allows us have meaningful conversation, discover understanding, build relationships, solve problems, demonstrate empathy, and expand our perspective.

Hearing is different from listening. We often listen only enough to prepare our response – shortchanging the message of our communication partner. Because once we’ve started to formulate our response, we’ve stopped hearing. The reception of the message stops.

Rather, hearing is intentional. It is an action we take and a decision we make to show that we care. We care about the other person, we care about their message, and we care about what they are trying to communicate.

Unlike listening, hearing is not natural. It takes practice and mindfulness. It requires effort and time.

How much do we miss because we are too busy, too preoccupied, or just insensitive to the message being shared by those around us?

This week, hear.

All the best,


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