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Leading the Leader

We all derive our insights, thoughts, and instinct from somewhere.

We are led by something.

Whether we care to admit it or not, we are all being led by something. We may be being led by people around us who influence us, the current culture that has sway over us, or even our own emotions – which can be unreliable or even misleading.

As leaders ourselves, we must be thoughtful about what we are allowing to influence us and shape our actions. We must be aware of how much influence a person or idea has over our thinking.

Where are my ideas coming from? What is shaping my worldview? What is influencing my feelings? Who is speaking into my life?

Not only are these questions vital to ask, but where we seek clarity and answers is important. If we go to the source of our influence, we risk asking an echo chamber – a place that reaffirms our beliefs. Confirmation bias.

Today, I encourage you to consider your circle, your tribe, your community. Seek out those who will challenge you, hold you accountable, and share wisdom.

You have people who look to you, you must look after you.

All the best,


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