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Leadership Styles: are you a Maintainer or Motivator?

Each day, leaders face a “Y” – a fork in the road.

Maintain status quo or move ahead?

Any leader who wants to take their organization to new levels must be able to motivate their team to move forward. They must be able to create something from nothing, cast the vision of what is to come, and foster an environment of growth and support. This is a Motivator.

A Maintainer can literally show up, be, and leave. There is no need to encourage, cast vision, or express creativity.

Which are you?


  • Are you content with the way things are? The status quo?
  • Do you strive to do as little as possible to stay in your comfort zone?
  • Are you simply managing the machine; aiming to keep it running as it is?

If so, you are a Maintainer.

However, if you …

  • Look at tomorrow as if it will be different than today
  • Are willing to take risks, explore, and open your mind to new possibilities
  • Enjoy doing what has not been done before
  • Strive to consider new ways of doing things and think of what has not been done before

Then you are a Motivator.

To maximize the potential for your team, organization, and mission, you must be a Motivator. The role means showing up, encouraging those around you, fostering creativity, pushing boundaries, and living outside the comfort zone.

Motivating also requires consistency. It is not a one-and-done. Showing up excited about something, only to have the passion fizzle tomorrow creates a roller coaster for your team. You must live in the motivational space full-time.

This week, consider:

Why is it more comfortable to maintain the status quo? How has being a maintainer helped or hindered your team or organization?

Who or what has kept you from entering the Motivator role? How can you overcome this and become a Motivator?

All the best,


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