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How Top Producing Real Estate Agents Use Blogging [Quick Tip]

The key to using a blog to attract new customers is to identify the burning questions your customers are asking — and answer them.

“But what about giving away all of my trade secrets?”
“What if my competitors read what I’m writing?”

You will never cannibalize your business by providing valuable information to your prospective client; in fact, just the opposite. The more you share, the more trustworthy and credible you are in the eyes of your visitors.

Hint: if you can give away all your knowledge, you are 1) not continually learning, 2) not an expert.

The more “off limits” the topic (usually involving the mysteries of your industry) the more goodwill points you’ll earn.

This goodwill directly translates to a trust or bond built between you and the visitor. They will naturally feel gratitude towards you and no amount of marketing from your competitor will break their loyalty to you.

Give it a try! Share you knowledge, answer the hard questions, and start attracting new business!

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