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How to Successfully Schedule Your Time as an Entrepreneur

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If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to schedule your time through meaningful margin.

Two conversations this week highlighted one of the biggest struggles entrepreneurs have: the management of time. Our most precious resource is often left to chance, allowing whatever happens to come along in the moment takes priority over what we want to prioritize. The new thing becomes urgent while the important thing fades.

Consider the schedule of these two entrepreneurs:

One takes great pride – enough to brag about it publically – in her busy (beyond busy) schedule. The next, with just as much pride, shows off his structured, but much less chaotic schedule. This is what I call: Meaningful Margin.

How we approach our schedule – our time management – is in more of our control than we may think.

I challenge you: When was the last time you felt like you had “extra time”? Time to do anything you wanted. Time to focus on what is important to you. When did you create margin to focus on the meaningful?

Take a moment to invest in yourself. Intentionally schedule:

  • Time to walk, sit, or rest
  • Time to read, listen, or learn
  • Time to work on your hobby
  • Time to write, draw, or sketch
  • Time to unplug, unwind, and relax
  • Time to dream, strategize, or wonder
  • Time to network, re-connect, or reach out

The day-to-day routine will expand and consume as much as you give it. You must create boundaries for it.

“Busyness” is a seductive liar. It paints intense activity as achievement and masks the truth that you’re often busy doing nothing important.

By practicing these principles now, you will enter the coming year with renewed focus, energy, and excitement. You have exactly the same amount of time next year as you did this year. How will you best spend it?

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