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How Is That Working For You? Perhaps Try This Instead

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Every day (no exaggeration), I receive unsolicited emails or LinkedIn messages pimping products or services. The latest batch is in the link building / app development / SEO services realm, but the industries shift. Tomorrow, it may be something else.

My question to those taking this approach: how is that working for you?

How is mindlessly blasting out unsolicited pitches to random people in hopes of making a sale working?

It worked in the era of periodicals and junk mail because it was cheap, easy, and we didn’t know better. We didn’t have data to pick and choose exactly who to target, so a shotgun approach made the most sense at the time.

However, now, we have the ability – and education – to make better choices.

Instead of rude, interruptive, impersonal service hawking, wouldn’t it make sense to invest a little time to add value to your ideal audience?

Instead of blasting your amazing product to the masses, share your knowledge and educate those you wish to do business with.

Instead of trying to squeeze a sale from a LinkedIn connect that is barely a few minutes old, try learning about the connection and understanding their needs.

Instead of branding yourself as a sleazy salesperson, brand yourself as a trusted advisor.

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