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How Did We Get Here?

I am on sabbatical this month, so I am re-sharing content I’ve posted elsewhere on the internet. I hope you enjoy it!

How did we get here? What steps were taken – and for what reason – that led us to where we find ourselves?

Certainly, it was well-intended. Right?

Passionate people came together to set out on a journey. Did we reach our destination? Are we still on the path? How do we know?

Institutional knowledge, understanding the why behind the what, is fading. As careers shift from 20-30 year commitments to 2-3 year commitments, historical understanding becomes shallow.

“The way we’ve always done it” is a terrible reason for continuing to do something, but understanding “the reason we do it this way” is invaluable.

Are you fostering a culture that preaches, “This is the way we do it” or “The reason we do it this way is because …“?

It is an important distinction to understand how we got here.

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