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It may seem funny to think of your brand having a “voice.” But the language- the words, terms, phrases- you use in professional communication says a lot about your brand. Those intentional choices provide a consistent feel for your customers.

  • Does your doula service say moms, mothers, or mommas?
  • Do you have clients or customers? Do you have employees, partners, team members?
  • Do you sign your correspondence SincerelyRespectfullyAll the best, xo?
  • Do you provide photography services or capture meaningful moments?

While these examples may seem subtle; our goal is a consistent “voice” for your brand.

Think back in high school civics when we had to draft resumes. They all started with some stuffy objective, “I desire to obtain a professional position in a fast paced, customer service environment” versus how you really talk, “I love helping mommas experience their best birth ever.

Consider these phrases, how you want them used, how you will use them in real life, etc. This all works towards a cohesive and personalized experience for your clients.

No need to overthink it. Be intentional and authentic.

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