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Shaun Nestor - strategic advisor for passionate people

I bet you’re passionate.

I help passionate people find their niche, voice, and first paying customers.
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I believe everyone has a message to share – our life experiences have formed us into who we are, and others can gain from that knowledge. I also believe that many passionate people are stuck in the early stages of building a business. There is so much noise out there, it can be hard to find a way forward. Ultimately, good people with good ideas get frustrated, overwhelmed, and discouraged.

Not on my watch.

I bring clarity and direction so entrepreneurs like you can realize your true purpose and potentially build a sustainable, life-changing business.

Each week, I share inspiring tips to help passionate people just like you build a sustainable, life-changing business.

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I write for leaders, entrepreneurs, and everyday experts pursuing their passion.

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Discover how you can profit from your experience through:

Coaching & Consulting

Build a business through coaching and consulting. Your clients pay for your time and advice.

Products & Services

Make money and scale your business by selling productized programs, resources, and courses.

Systems & Processes

Checklists, flowcharts, and guides are valuable! Package your systems and processes into proprietary products.

Knowledge is Priceless

There is no other you. Your competitive advantage is your uniqueness and ability to position yourself, your knowledge, and your expertise as the solution your next client needs.

Avoid Commoditization

Increased competition often focuses on price – making the pricing premiums of traditional business models obsolete. When there is a race to the bottom, there are no winners.

I focus on strategy, consulting, and knowledge

By creating a strategy – a blueprint – we can map exactly how to position yourself as an expert in the industry. I want you to be seen — not as a vendor — but as a trusted advisor.

What is the Knowledge Economy?

Hi. I’m Shaun Nestor

I am a strategic advisor for passionate people. I help everyday experts leverage the knowledge economy and build a business they’re proud of.

I’ve spent more than half my life doing what I love: helping entrepreneurs build their businesses, profit from their passion, and realize their calling.

I specialize in simplifying the complex, creating systems, and leveraging technology. I do all this to benefit the creatives, the solopreneurs, the coaches, the consultants, and the freelancers.

You have a message that deserves to be heard.

Let’s share it.

Valerie C recommends Shaun Nestor

“First rate experience. Shaun quickly sifted through my list of projects to assist with picking the critical ones, and shared important marketing concepts. Deftly outlined the next steps that I should be taking. I plan to return for more advice. I highly recommend Shaun.”

Valerie C.

Daniel R recommends Shaun Nestor

“I suspect the value I got out of this call will be measured in the millions. Shaun is quick and knowledgeable. He had the answer to every question I asked. I now have an actionable plan for building my brand.”

Daniel R.

Dave E recommends Shaun Nestor

“My call with Shaun was nothing short of excellent. He provided me with specific, powerful insights that will empower me to make some critical decisions effectively for my business. Decisions that I may have screwed up if it wasn’t for his advice.”

Dave E.

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