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How Highly Regulated Industries Should Use Inbound Marketing

A large percentage of my work includes helping those who are in highly-regulated industries such as financial advisors, insurance sales folks, health and medical professionals, housing and real estate, and loan processing.

Many falsely believe that regulations outright prohibit the use of social media, inbound marketing, email, or blogging.

I have a completely different take.

The use of social media and blogging in these industries is actually a huge competitive advantage, because your competitors are fearful of even exploring its use.

The field is yours for the taking.

The Reality of Inbound Marketing in Regulated Industries

The purpose of any online marketing campaign is not to give away the farm, but to educate prospective customers, prove your worth and experience, and convert them to a lead.

From there, you can address their personal situation.

As an advisor of any sort, you should never be giving specific advice to the masses — that personalized advice is what is highly regulated and should be confidential between you and your clients, anyway.

Instead, focus on questions that whet the appetite for your ideal customer. Identify some of the generalized questions they have, how can you answer them and prove that you 1) understand their position, and 2) are knowledgable and equipped to help them.

Next Steps

Are you operating in a regulated industry? I am happy to answer your questions or develop a specific strategy that helps you reach your ideal clients. I am confident we can create something that will excite even the Compliance Department.

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