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Are You Helping Your Next Customer Buy From You?

Think of the last big ticket item you purchased. Likely, you started your journey online. You did some basic research, read reviews, compared products, did your due diligence, etc.

Then, maybe, you reached out to a brand directly? Not always, but, if you had a question, you probably sought out an answer from a trusted source.

Before you committed, you educated yourself.

Now, let’s switch hats. Now you’re the leader of the brand selling big ticket items.

You know there is uncertainty in the mind of your buyer. You know there are conflicting pieces of information floating out there. You know what the customers should know before deciding on a purchase.

You have information that can help them make a better informed decision.

You also know they are using the web to do research, find answers, sorting information.

What are you doing to make their job easier? What are you doing to help their buying process? What are you doing to position your brand as the authority? What is your brand doing to be a trusted advisor?

Buyers are entering the buying process armed with more information than you new salesperson. Yet they still have questions.

What are you doing to help them?

If you’re not willing to do anything, I can almost bet your competition is.

Photo by Calum MacAulay on Unsplash

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