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Grace-culture Vs Us-culture


A grace-based culture gives allowance to grow with compassion and empathy

It may seem out of place for a leadership and marketing blog to discuss the topic of grace, much less grace in the same sentence as company culture. But the health of an organization hinges on the actions and expectations of its leaders, advisors, and employees; all of whom are humans capable of emotion.

Company culture provides the path for how those emotions move the company.

In this sense, grace means an attitude of forgiveness and compassion. It recognizes that perfection is impossible and we are striving to do good work.

Many company cultures are “Us”-based, generally meant for the benefit of the company – the entity. A grace-based culture is more than that; it is a culture that offers allowances for the people who make up the company.

To compare, let’s look at a grace-based culture versus an us-based culture:

Grace-based CultureUs-based Culture
Greater PerspectivePerspective is Lost
Grace-based Culture vs Us-based Culture

What are you actively building? Which culture would you prefer? Which culture leads to a thriving business?

How are you contributing to either one?

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